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Louis Chan

Photos by Alex Ferré

Louis Chan is a British Filmmaker and London native. Chan has been working for the past four years on projects ranging from fashion commercials to online content and short films. 

In 2014, Chan set up Fresh Look Films with co-founder Kobbie Kessie as a means to build up directing credits whilst continuing to learn his craft by crewing on larger scale shoots. To date, Fresh Look clients include Unilever, Akzo Nobel, Corona, Budweiser, WeTransfer, Rankin, Hunger TV and Microsoft. 

Taking a step away from the world of branding in mid 2016, Louis has decided to focus solely on writing and directing narrative.

In 2016, Chan completed directing his first documentary ILIA, a story about football playing Afghan refugee children in downtown Tehran, Shahr-el-Rey. ILIA premiered at the BAFTA recognised ASFF in November 2016, with an online release set for May 2017.

Currently, Chan is developing his latest shorts Ling and Help Me Brother! in partnership with B3 Media and the Creative England funded Encounters Film Festival: Widening the Lens mentorship programme as of March 2017.